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Looking for a Kiss! - U.S. Book Launch

Joe Carducci in dialogue with Andy Schwarz re: CBGB to SST (Parts 1 & 2)







August 2013. As you may observe, the front end of this site has not been updated in some years. As the focus swung from music to covering the NYC Tech scene I just couldn't find the time. Later music videos were, and still are, occasionally, posted to YouTube. You will need realplayer to view many of the older videos on this site. I'm afraid the disks are no longer offered. Thanks for viewing. Joly
Divvying Up the Digital Pie: The Fight Over Music Download & E-Book Royalties Just Got Hotter.
Taking Back the Edge: Freedom and the Internet Model
hackNY Demofest
Let the willing come..
Man Forever
Advancing Community Broadband
WordPress 3.0: What you need to know
dot nyc: How are we doing?
Theme Frameworks / Introduction to WordPress 3.0
Censorship Circumvention via Kaleidoscope
Network Neutrality
One Helluva Ride
Freedom in The Cloud
D.I.Y. or Die.
Horse manure
All Hopped Up and Ready to Go
Who Shot Rock & Roll
China Underground Tour
'Patents at a Crossroads: Bilski and Beyond'
'Jefferson's Moose in Cyberspace'
'Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars'
CMJ Special Event
Heartfast and Friends
In the moment
Where is my vote?
Landmark Admiral's Row!
Open Government Data
I Love MEN!
Session #14
Hungry for Death
Whispering Exercises
Viral Spiral
Copyright vs. Community
Knocking At The Door
Black Redemption meet Digital English
It's Blitz
back from nowhere
one web, one world, one wish
Connecting .nyc
the secret orchestra
All The Way
House Jam
Into The Jazz Planet
Music for Ears
luminescent afterglow
Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.
Quit Your Job (& Go  On Tour)
'Quest for Fun'
'Zombie Ritual'
'Broadband Briefing'
'No Wave and Sonic Youth'
'Punk Island'
'Viva L'American Death Ray Music'
'all skronk'
'Christy and Emily II'
'Punk, DIY culture, The Internet, & OneWebDay'
'Participation and Politics Online'
'days are mighty'
'The Carrots'
'We want our dot nyc!'
'Ari in London'
'a narcoleptic ghost dance'
'Daed Girl History'
'Futures of the Internet'
'The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It'
'Orchestra Dave'
'The Royal Albert Hall Project'
'Blazin' or Cryin''
'Through the Panama'
'I love you.'
'Whatever I do is right'
'the BQE Shuffle'
'Come Save Us'
'Hot Stuff!'
'ghost punk'
'Requiring a plot'
'10 Years!'
'Rise Up!'
'a threshold question'
'Riot On Sunset Strip'
'Naturally High'
'tightrope walking'
'not crazy just mismanaged'
'freak out crazy music'
'Chrome Hearts'
'Kill Them With Love'
'Fur and Gold'
'Out on the street they call it murder.'
'In The City'
'Gardez Les Esprits'
'Let's Spend the Night Together'
'Waiting for the Kill'
'laughing virgins'
'Mother knows best.'
'The Freewheelin Tour'
'Put your hands up'
'Sammy Dreadlocks'
'adult acid'
'Joe Rastafari'
'Rockers Galore'
'Summer has begun.'
'So Good'
'Not the method you know'
'Head Movin''
'bundle of nerves'
'Warm Sound'
'Mandate of Heaven'
'blowin' up my baby'
'we are all released'
'Color Of Water'
'Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice'
'sugar sweet'
'Kill Them With Love'
'culture jamming'
'Women Loving Women'
'ship-to-shore's been shot to shit'
'Kiiiiiii for any occasion.. or just for fun!'
'Rock'n'Roll Was Never So Beautiful'
'save the puppies - save the pussies'
'Free Press 1965-75'
'new best friends'
'You can't be funky..'
'This is not Henry Cow!'
'Humble In The Jungle'
'Punk Song'
'transient exuberance'
'Lything and Gracing'
'!Forward, Russia¡'
'totally bananas'
'Deeply Amsterdamned'
'You'd better look out..'
'Oh America'
'wasted in japan'
'Put on your snowboots'
A panel discussion
'We are the one.'
'The things we leave behind'
'squiggly lines run off the page'
'off the hook'
'fuck dudes'
'This one's going to be loud and fast.'
'The Book Of Exodus'
'leaving babylon'
'We gotta torture you - all of you!'
'Sun Again'
'attraction is ephemeral'
'Everyone Stares..'
'Veteran's Day'
'Heard about your band.'
'It's Love'
'Free Software and Free Media'
'Don't take away the record of the chaos we are in.'
'ship-to-shore's been shot to shit'
'Death Is Hanging Over Me'
'Popular. Culture. No Longer. Applies To Me.'
'It's hard to love me.'
'In perfect formation.'
'This city was built on rock & dole'.'
'What Price New York City Wireless: The Politics of Technology'
'electronic soundscapes'
'Papa was a Rodeo.'
'Second Coming.'
'Rastafari In Session'
'What's GNU?'
'The Horns. The Rhythm. The Spirit.'
'You've got to get up to get free.'
'I know you love me but you're fuck'n crazy'
'Standing in the way of control.'
'it's easy to lose'
'giddy stratospheres'
'panda panda panda'
'bike build'
'leaving babylon..'
like a buzzed up version of the toy dolls
'Further Than Funk'
'Any questions?'
i can't believe you guys are watching this shit. so funny.
'trip over a b'
'i will make it fall'
'st petersburg, water, ocean, nostalgia, solitude'
''Who's got the crack?'
'a midsummer night's dub'
'the last bandit'
'a total blast'
'spiritual aspect'
'Open the box.'
'piano phase'
'a little bit angry, or a little bit tame'
'give me some rockers to swallow'
'oh yeah that's loud'
'like i give a fuck'
'the media earthquake will be gopher-friendly'
'Original Sense'
'it's in my head'
'plaid out'
'tv on the radio, on the radio'
'New Music for Steel String Guitar'
'holy shit - it's new york, again'
'Brighton Bound'
'this is real my friends'
'Back and Forth'
'More Songs about Love and the Lack of It'
'Is God A Man?'
'Live On Truck'
'stars, guitars, and muscle cars'
'no joke business'
'shoot shoot'
'The Weeping Woman'
'action time vision'
'this is not that time'
'here's to being beautiful'
'baby baby make that sound'
'For the record - the gossip are not garage-rock, we are punk.'
'Music Is The Key'
'strictly hardcore'
'It's not expensive, and it's good.'
'turn off that television!'
'Everyone is exceptional'
'This is a dream'
'the crazy africans'
'No Man Can Deny'
'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
'I said oooh..'
'step back. and enjoy. the real mccoy'
'be like a boy - dance like a girl'
'NYC loves potty'
'I Can't Hep It'
systems are go 2003 - punkcast 300
'long time comin'
'friday night'
'Where there's a will I think there's a way'
'Zen and The Art of Breaking Everything In This Room'
'ost 'odern 'ounds'
'call out our lions'
'opportunity bless my soul'
'so unprofessional'
'i'm off to whore'
'what a waster'
'We're Darediablo'
'I want it loud'
'we're three in the dark tonight'
'Start A Fire'
'there's something wrong with me'
'Angular Walking'
'Viva La Persistence'
'exits off the beat,ya'
'the wonders don't care'
'put a little meat with the bean curd baby'
'We Are The Future'
'dub will tear us apart'
'For the love of god tell us there's a hi-hat'
'We are not the ones  that came before us.'
''Dear Mr Bush, There are 500 words for shit and only one for music. Fuck you, Outhud'
''follow the footsteps to your dreams'
''we will face the danger'
''she just..'
''Oi man, 'ang on, relax, take a seat.. and just listen.'
'live by the pedal, die by the pedal'
'Reggae Fever'
'pink noise'
'''where's your video pass?''
''It's in the spirit..'
'Round and floating, ballerina, arise.'
''we're not that innocent.'
'ok, so - we're still Palomar..'
'You are beautiful..'
Sonic Rock Solstice 2002 - punkcast 201
''World Peace!'
'i'm going to slide right into your dreams'
''no blood for oil.'
''thanks to the non-believers..'
'i'm starting to feel ok'
'get out of my head'
'a rastaman in new york'
'dope feels good'
''T3 4PE@CE.'
''Sick and tired.'
''nice to meet you.'
'each one drink one'
'thing call locks'
'be a love revolutionary'
'nostalgie de shebeen'
'but remember. to kick it over.'
'just go ahead now''
'we've got it, in the inside pocket'
'our time, sweet baby'
'gretton's not dead'
'christian joy'
'you know they're gonna want some, want some'
'i can't believe it's not butter'
''Rock and Roll'
'Why'd they close the punk rock club?'
''This is the new thing.'
'Just a little thing for New York'
The Divine Brown - punkcast 100
''state of alert..'
'Feel the connection..'
'we might be sad but we can't be scared'
'party at ground zero!'
''you guys fucking rock'
Pinhole - busting out of Liverpool - punkcast 86
''35 years..'
live and direct - dubwise..
Centerstage at the Twin Towers
backyard babies - punkcast 69
'Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation'
'come again my selecter'
thee majesty - genesis p-orridge - punkcast 56
Lively.. We're getting lively..
breaking the plane
paisley meets brocade underground
'oh..oh..oh.. need another fix!'
they just want to crawl all over you..
'Save Our Station'
welcome to the east coast
natty dreadlocks out of babylon
ari and the new crew feature the creature
tompkins sq park - aug 7th 2000
nyc zine fest 2000
Live at Wetlands NYC - June 15 2000
Panel Presentation
get up here you bums
out of the strong came forth sweetness
Live at Life
We like what we're doing - Life's too short - Bollocks.
The Alien Pubduction Tour
Charlie and the boys hit St.Annes
daylight robbery!
and on we go......Goldblade97
PUNKCAST#1!! - Fleetwood's finest

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