Julia Haltigan & The Hooligans
The National Underground NYC
Apr 30 2009

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"Knocking At The Door"

On Julia Haltigan's earlier appearances on PUNKCAST - #529 and #1136 - I have noted her dearth of recorded output. That shortage has now been eased with the release of two full length CDs "When the Glow Starts to Go..." (2007), and the new "Julia Haltigan & The Hooligans". This show was the release party for the latter, held in the restricted but merry confines of the The National Underground on NYC's Lower East Side. The set included a good mix of tunes from both albums, a couple of new songs, and three covers, including the Elvis ballad "Love Me". "Lost On A Salty Sea" is from the new record, while "I Don't Want To Fall In Love", which served as an encore, is a popular favourite from the first record.

ipod | stills | youtube

ipod | stills | youtube

ipod | stills | youtube

DVD1574. Both records can be obtained direct from Julia's website at http://www.juliahaltigan.com/buy/.

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