Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Maxwells NJ
Aug 1 2003
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'give me some rockers to swallow'

After a little break following their intense spring touring sched, the yyy's put in, at short notice, this 'secret' warm up at Maxwells in Hoboken before heading back to Europe for the festivals. Doors opened at midnight, after the regular friday show. It was an impromptu, casual affair, without Steve, their regular sound man and, to begin with, the sole illumination being a cliplight at stage right. Karen looked particularly buff, and one suspects she had been working out. They kicked off in dramatic fashion with a new song 'Rockers To Swallow' and later played, for the first time, another new one 'Down Boy'. They finished, in fine style, with an over the top version of 'Tick'. After the show Nick asked me to sit on the new songs as they wanted to surprise the europeans, and they did duly receive ecstatic press over there on them. Later 'Down Boy' was released on a limited 7" split with the Liars that both bands sold at shows. So the songs have sat on my hard-drive for the last 10 months.. but here you go..

Sorry, no VCD on this one. If you want YYY on VCD go check #259.

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