Art Brut
Tribeca Grand NYC
Nov 12 2006
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'Popular. Culture. No Longer. Applies To Me.'

The term 'Art Brut' was originally coined in 1948 by Jean Dubuffet to describe outsider art, particularly that made by people in insane asylums. While the band of the same name definitely can, at least for now, claim outsider status, and vocalist Eddie Argos eschews the conventions of singing, they come over as, in fact, super sane, effectively bypassing the pretensions and illusions of conventional pop. Disarmingly honest, Eddie has the air of an affable math teacher explaining with calm insistence say, quadratic equations, to a bunch of distracted shoolkids. See, in the first clip - 'Formed A Band' - him lay down the basic principles, and at end of the second - 'Bad Weekend' - set the class's homework.

Yes, there is a DVD of the whole show (DVD885), but you'll have to get the band to pass me your email if interested in a copy. There are also a bunch more stills here

capture captain: joly
date posted: 3/27/06


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