Andrew W.K.
Kimmel Center NYU NYC
Oct 21 2009

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"CMJ Special Event"

Right in the heart of the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon, sandwiched inbetween "So You Still Want A Major Label Record Deal? Here's The Truth" and "Timeless Miles: 1959 - A Pivotal Year In Music" there was a 'CMJ Special Event' - a talk by Andrew W.K. Andrew had no real message for the large auditorium packed with attendees, not all of whom had any clue who he was, beyond go for it and enjoy yourself. He set the tone by getting into a serious fight with a chair that the production crew had thoughtfully provided. He was kinder however when it came to fielding the audience's questions.which were all dealt with with polite aplomb. The session finished when he moved to the piano to ask a musical riddle on behalf of sponsor Cakewalk, and then performed 'Party Hard' with a couple of lookalikes from the crowd. Below is the whole thing, uncut.

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DVD1670. Andrew W.K. has a new record - Cadillac 55 - out on Skyscraper Music Maker / Ecstatic Peace! - details on his myspace below.

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