Julia Vorontsova
Sin- NYC
Aug 22 2004
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'st petersburg, water, ocean, nostalgia, solitude'

After seeing Julia Vorontsova get up with Babu in PUNKCAST#522 we wanted to know more about this enigmatic russian girl. Turns out she is 21 years old, and from St Petersburg. At the age of 17 her parents emigrated to Portugal, and she decided to herself move to NY, eventually settling in Jersey City. A poet from a young age, she had rephrased her material into songs in her teens and started performing. Local avant-garde bookstore Abaton Books was impressed enough to release a CD - 'From St Petersburg With Love' - which is garnering her wider interest in the NYC scene. Leading to an imminent prime slot at hot Lower East Side spot Sin-. Which we duly filmed..

All the songs were in Russian, but the self-effacing Julia presaged them with explanations of just how they came about. Her voice and phrasing, though distinctly Russian, evoked breathy 60's french chanteuses. The music, simply picked, somehow evoked cinematic grandeur. It was magical stuff. The song here is from halfway through the set, and the 'Hours' of the title are the last 100 spent before seperating from a loved one. The quote above is from the description of the first song 'Older'.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the show - 10 songs run 30:16. It's just the songs, you'll have to go see her play to get the explanations. I am giving copies to Abaton to distro as they see fit. Get in touch with them, or if all else fails mail orders@pinstand.com and i'll let you know what's up. Julia's CD is available from Abaton, and, if they haven't sold out, from Kim's Video on St Marks Place in NYC.

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date posted: 10/18/04

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