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The Slits
McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn
Jul 28 2007

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'Kill Them With Love'

Opening for Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation' show in the derelict McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - this was just the second time, as far as I know, the current version of The Slits have ever been anything other than a headliner. Tessa told me it was the biggest crowd the band had played to since they opened for the Clash, back in the day. Hurried for time, they had to cut their set in half. Ari was so rushed she even omitted her customary big-ups to Brooklyn, her home from home. It was evident that many present were not too familiar with the band. Ari did her usual job of educating about the nexus of punk and reggae, and threw in a couple of uptempo dancehall jams. The song that really won the crowd over, taken from the band's new EP 'Revenge of the Killer Slits', was the singalong anthem 'Kill Them With Love' and that is the clip here. They were just able to fit in 'Typical Girls' at the end as the union stagehands moved to pull the power.

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