Ladyfest East
Brownies NYC - Sep 8th 2001
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'you guys fucking rock'

The Hissyfits (with a substitute drummer) were already onstage when I arrived fashionably late. I managed to grab the last 3 songs - all very good and thus included below. Princess' voice sounded especially good considering she was a driving force behind the whole event and you'd think she'd be hoarse from yellin'.. Next up were Ladyfest international veterans Bangs from Portland OR - replete with lightning strike guitar straps and Ramones tattoos. Despite jetlag and broken strings they came on strong, as you will see. Last up was Ari-Up, all dressed up in Brooklyn dayglo. The New Crew this time featured 1) a brand new bassie, and 2) a total lack of drummer (at another gig and late). Ari improvised by putting her keyboard player on drums while Princess organized keyboardists from the crowd, and later the Hissyfits temp drummer Tugboat Dan got up and had a go too. Then Ari's regular drummie arrived and things, um, settled down a bit. That was, until a shoe-waving Ari invited some festive ladies to get up on stage..

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