Man Forever
Monster Island Brooklyn
Jun 11 2010

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"Man Forever"

This was the first show ever by Man Forever - a fresh project from Kid Millions, Oneida's drummer. According to legend he became inspired after seeing the Fireworks Ensemble perform a chamber version of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music and determined to record a solo album of multi-tracked "just intonated" drums. Said album has just been released, and now live shows ensue. Obviously Kid can't multitack live - so he has recruited Brian Chase (YYYs), Shahin Motia (Ex Models, Oneida), Allison Busch (Awesome Color, Red Dawn II), & Richard Hoffman (Sightings) to tour. Just in case that isn't enough (!) that line-up will be augmented by local musicians. In this case Alison wasn't to be seen, but Ryan Sawyer (Tall Firs) and one other fellow I didn't recognize filled things out. The album is comprised of two pieces, and so was this set, linked by a squealing bass solo from Richard Hoffman. The clip here is a 5 minute extract from the beginning of part two.

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No DVD. The album is a 250 copy vinyl edition w/ download available. Get it here.

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