Pianos NYC
Feb 14 2003
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'Dear Mr Bush, There are 500 words for shit and only one for music. Fuck you, Outhud'

Outhud's 'Street Dad' CD has been a fave of mine for some time, so I was keenly watching out for the opportunity, which a cancelled Valentine's date gave me, to catch them live. In honor of the day they had Pianos give them all-red light, which made it a little difficult to shoot, but which lent a war-room ambience appropiate considering the big UN demo set for the next day - to which the band dedicated the song below..

Before Outhud there was Monotrona, an electro faux-samurai who sang about honor and pacman. She was a big hit with the crowd. In the song here you'll see me having difficulty keeping up as she ricochets around the stage in a pacman-inspired dance number.

Outhud in fact played four songs, opening and closing with two, both unreleased and very catchy, that featured the girl members on vocals. The opener lacked a title - it went "If I had back all the time I've lost - I'd spend it with me, again. But this time, we'd have more fun, like we'll do tomorrow." The closer, 'Requiem for a Requiem', turned into an extended rave-up. "There's people like me and then there's people like you. They don't see evil. They don't know what they do." - "We don't see evil..- It begs us to die.." = urging the crowd to "Try, Try, Try." One member of the audience became so enthusiastic he jumped up on stage and dropped his pants. But no-one saw evil, heh heh.

Anyway i have knocked up a VCD of all 4 Outhud tunes plus 2 of Monotrona which, subject to an ok from the bands you can get from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=outhud_VCD, and I'll let you know.

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