Kinnie Starr
Sin- NYC
July 12 2006
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'Sun Again'

I actually became a fan of Kinnie Starr some years ago, back in the late nineties, when the internet was still young. Her sultry blend of folk, grunge, dub, hip-hop, R&B and jazz styles was definitely endearing, not to mention her good looks and fierce streak of independence. On the rare occasion, however, that she ventured this far east from her native Vancouver, I never seemed to catch up with her. Then I lost track. Making movies and hijacked, I understand, to work with Cirque De Soleil, amongst other things. Recently she has resurfaced, and a new album 'Anything' is just out. She has played two or three NYC dates recently, both solo and as a trio. I caught up with the latter one night at Sin- just in time to get the finale, the title track of her 2003 album 'Sun Again'.

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date posted: 8/30/06

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