Knitting Factory NYC
June 30 2004
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'ship-to-shore's been shot to shit'

For the last two and a half years or so, Punkcast has enjoyed something akin to artist-in-residence status at NYC's Knitting Factory, with a carte-blanche to record bands. With 3 floors going nightly, there has been plenty of worthy, rare, and creative material to choose from. Here is a good example of a good show by a couple of remarkable bands that might otherwise have disappeared into the historic haze. Sad to say, a new policy at the Knit now sets prohibitive site-fees for all such recording. and thus much of the more obscure current and future performances will indeed suffer that fate.

This was bateatsplastic's final show of a run that had earned them a fair buzz over the previous few months. The Village Voice's Chuck Eddy opined their 'City Beat' to be 'the best local single of 2003' and described their sound as 'prog-goth popadelica that could've been born in a castle.' Adding '[City Beat] zooms through several genres, eventually jumping through dub space and into the squawkaholic noize zone.' By the time of this show they had slimmed down to an essential electric duo. The song I give you - the set opener 'Trees' - if not as varied, is certainly jumping. While dormant live since this show bateatsplastic does endure, recently finishing an album and can be found via the myspace link below.

I was about to leave after bateatsplastic had finished, but the KF's sound man Adam insisted I stay to check out the next act death.pool. Another duo, they played disjointed and erratic math rock that was punctuated by odd yelps and strange gestures. Though ostensibly serious, there was an undercurrent of impish deadpan humor in their awkward but calculated thrashing. The tune here is the ominous sounding 'Declaration Of Pussy Warfare'. I came to understand later why Adam had been so insistent. Drummer Andrya is a valued colleague in the NYC sound person community, frequently (wo)manning the desk at Trash, Tonic, and even onstage at the Bowery Ballroom. death.pool have not, sorry to say, survived, breaking up after a couple more shows.

Oh and, yes, there are DVD's. death.pool is DVD4872 and you can paypal $5 direct to orders@pinstand.com for a copy. bateatsplastic is DVD4871 but you need to get the band to forward me your email before paypalling, ok? Hopefully that new album will be out soon.

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