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Futures of the Internet
Apr 11 2008

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"Futures of the Internet"

What will come of the next decade on the Internet? We often take for granted the state of the net today, but there's no guarantee that it will remain this way. Will the digital future be dystopian, or is there a brighter outlook ahead than some may believe? Our panelists - thinkers and net visionaries, with backgrounds ranging from art, law, technology, politics, media, culture, and entrepreneurship - provided their perspectives on the future of the net, and engaged with members of the audience to further the exploration of what lies ahead.


Clay Shirky
Author: Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations
Adjunct Professor, NYU ITP

Tim Wu
Author: Who Controls The Internet?
Professor, Columbia Law School

Lauren Cornell
Executive Director, Rhizome

Jimmy Wales
Founder, Wikipedia and Wikia

Jonathan Zittrain
Professor, Oxford University; Visiting Professor, NYU Law
Author: The Future of the Internet - and How to Stop It

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There are a limited number of DVD's of this talk available via ISOC-NY - email if interested. Ask for DVD1324.

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