1999 USA / Canada Tour
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'Welcome to 1999'

Punk being the drug of choice round here, yet again its time to get the old dv cam out again to capture a classic ("20 horrible years" - Jock) uk band making its first trans-pond excursion in some time. Ample warning having been given by the good Dr Hindley

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Life - NYC
A saturday night.. A full blue moon.. This show is to be 'new boy' TC's first time setting up a pinstand. We naturally arrive late after putting it all together at the last minute. As usual. When we do at last reach the show Chris W. the promoter welcomes us past the disco bouncers, but only after confiscating the cam at their insistence. And says no we can't set up the stand, or shoot video. In due course we prevailed and did both. 'Why do you always have to bust my balls?" wailed Chris. Maybe its because he hangs them out for target practice.. Unfortunately we have missed Billy Club. Blanks 77 are just about to go on, and give permission to shoot.
jpg vidcaps 413KB blanks-life-pix.zip view

RealVideo G2
4676KBblanks-life-vid1.rm 80k stream
12811KBblanks-life-vid1-hi.rm 200k stream
After the Blank's set I dive backstage to switch tapes and batteries, and when I come back out front find my new battery appears to be dead. And only 40 mins left on the other. Ah well. Rapidly (this is an early show cos there's a rave coming in the same room after) GBH clamber on the stage. "Stop playing this Sex Pistols shit", sez Colin. And it's away we go.. oops, Jock's guitar unplugs 10 seconds in..soon fixed. First song is 'Diplomatic Immunity' - maybe inspired by the band's ongoing visa difficulties.
1st 40 mins
Cam mike
RealAudio G2
5611KBgbh-life-1.rm 44k stream
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The battery expires after 'Give Me Fire' - give me bloody electricity! - but thankfully I got that one ok. Colin - give me a light - takes a cig break and tells bad web jokes as an intro..
'Give Me Fire'

RealVideo G2
2505KBgbh-life-vid1.rm 80k stream
6878KBgbh-life-vid1-hi.rm 200k stream

capture captain: joly
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