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The Daves
Living Theatre NYC
Jan 25 2008

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'Orchestra Dave'

The Daves - Dave Sewelson on Bari Sax, Dave Hofstra on tuba, Stephen Moses on drums/trombone - are described in the RUCMA press release for this show as 'the progenitors and perpetuators of post-contemporary music with a focus on the lower sonorities'. Here we see them, performing as part of the Vision/RUCMA Series at the Living Theatre, as they are joined by 'fourth wheel' Caito Marcondes, a visiting Brazilian percussionist.

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There is a DVD. Dave Sewelson is a member of 'Fast n' Bulbous' a Captain Beefheart tribute band. Stephen Moses is a founding member of Alice Donut - an NYC punk band that is about to release their 9th album

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