Care Bears On Fire
Cake Shop NYC
Aug 11 2009

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I offered to shoot Care Bears On Fire a year or so back but was rebuffed as they were just introducing a new bass player. So I bided my time. In 2009 they, with an even newer bass player, went out on a major tour, prestigious West Coast venues like the Viper Room, festivals like Bamboozle and Lollapalooza, and back. When a 'secret' show at Cake Shop was announced - I was there, along with a horde of happy kids. The girls, needless to say, rocked out. I've picked two songs from the middle of the set 'Boy Song #1' and 'Only Know By Name'.

ipod | stills | youtube

ipod | stills | youtube

DVD1640. The CBOF's new album 'Get Over It' is out on S-Curve, and can be downloaded from iTunes via the band's myspace or on CD from InSound

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date posted: 8/18/09

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