Womens Boxing - Atlantic City - Jan.98

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So it was Christmas barely out of the way, and at 24hrs notice I'm off to Atlantic City to collect more footage for our documentary on WIBF champion JANE COUCH. It was an interesting affair as Jane prepared to take on Dora Webber for the second time. Jane had lost a non-title 6 rounder only months earlier to Dora and this was her chance not only for revenge, but to pick up the IWBF belt. And after a long hard fight over 10 rounds, and in a second controversial decision for Jane, the judges award a win for Dora.

There were 6 womens worldchampionship fights that night and exiting stuff it was too. Following the WIBF announcement of a $1.5 million purse for a fight between the 'Don King' controlled 'Christie Martin' and Europes 'Lucia Rijker', it's becoming pretty obvious that womens boxing is on the up!

Jane Couch fights the UK Boxing authorities in court As an additional capture. One month later I'm alongside Jane for her UK court appearance against the British Board of Boxing Control and their refusal to grant Jane a boxing license because she is a woman. It was a highly charged and interesting affair. - JohnB

12 and 13 February 1998 - Tribunal 1, 100 London Road, Croydon, UK.
Jane goes to court

Text Report page jb_report.htm
The inside scoop. A report from John Bentham on the two day hearing
Press Clippings page press.htm
UK press reactions to the case
RealVideo5 100k 15fps 240 x 180 1870k file jane_press_100k_15fps.rm
Jane Couch and her solicitor Sara Leslie talk to the press at the end of the hearing
MPEG Video - 15fps 240 x 180 12419k file jane_press.mpg
Jane Couch and her solicitor Sara Leslie talk to the press at the end of the hearing

10 January 1998 - Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City, USA.
Crucial captures from the front

RealVideo5 100k 15fps 320x240 4411k file jane_vs_dora_II_round_10.rm
Jane Couch vs Dora Webber - Round 10 - result
MPEG Video - Slow Motion Sequence 10070k file jane_vs_dora_II_slomo.mpg
Jane Couch vs Dora Webber - Slomo sequence of last few seconds of round 10
Still Pictures page janeimages.htm
Jane Couch team - pre-fight

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