The Long Blondes
Cake Shop NYC
Jun 22 2005
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with thanks to Cake Shop and michael goodstein

'giddy stratospheres'

Michael Goodstein, WFMU DJ, and man-about-town, had whipped NYC up into a froth of anticipation for this, the initial US show by Sheffield darlings The Long Blondes. Not only did record label What's Your Rupture? have a fresh new 12" of the band on sale, but they had seen fit to make it the release party for a brand new 7" of local faves Cause Co-motion, who thus opened. Midsummers day, and a full moon to boot - this was probably the biggest event thus far at NYC's new capital of indie-pop the Cake Shop. As I arrived, enthusiastic punters were streaming into the basement. So many, in fact, I decided to relax upstairs with a nice cup of tea while C-C played and save my ammunition for The Blondes. I have since received not a little grief for this as it was apparently absolutely C-C's greatest ever performance. Although it was a hot night, heading down for the Blondes I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Cake Shop's remarkably efficient a-c kept the room cool despite the throng. The Long Blondes turned out to be medium brunettes but, apart from that, everything they had been cracked up to be. Cute, tuneful, catchy pop with personality, and a strong tinge of post-punk, even quoting Cabaret Voltaire at one point. We loved them.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the show, 8 songs as it is, and it is possible top procure a copy from the pinstand at the usual rate, i.e. $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD773, and I'll let you know the process.

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date posted: 7/9/05

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