Secret Orchestra
5C Cultural Cafe NYC
Dec 6 2008

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5C Cultural Cafe

"The Secret Orchestra"

The Secret Orchestra - a new project from bassist and composer Clif Jackson - appeared as part of the RUCMA Performance Series in the cozy confines of the 5C Cultural Cafe in the far East Village. The group also included Yuko Fujiyama on piano and David Gould on percussion. The program included improvisation and several Jackson compositions the highlight of which was the spooky 'Creeper'. Ms. Fujiyama contributed her own peculiar piece 'Kurikaesu' (translate: Repetition) based on the words of a Japanese poet whose name escaped me.

ipod | stills | youtube

ipod | stills | youtube

DVD1490 but you'll have to get Clif's ok before I do you a copy. Clif also plays with the E.3rd St Ensemble. Yuko Fujiyama has a couple of albums out on CIMP Records.

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