TV Smith
Attila The Stockbroker
Sidewalk Cafe NYC
Jul 7 2002
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'the wonders don't care'

Punkcast can take some kind of direct responsibility for this show. I invited both TV and Attila to come play NYC so that I could film them back in early 2002 and, through the graces of Bryan Swirsky, a mini-tour was set up for the first week of July, including this show at the mecca of anti-folk. The idea of coming over for July 4th probably was attractive to the Brits, but in fact was not awfully wise as much of the potential audience were otherwise engaged. Nevertheless small but extremely enthusiastic crowds showed up. While Attila is somewhat of an unknown quantity to the Yanks, TV has a solid fan base due to his former outfit 'The Adverts', who did much to define and establish the punk rock idiom back in 1976. Their Stiff single 'One Chord Wonders' was the third UK punk record released (after The Damned's 'New Rose' and the stillborn 'Anarchy In The UK') and spawned plenty of sales for the old Roundhouse pinstand, especially those with a pic of bassplayer Gaye who became a bona fide punk pin-up. I was happy to find out at this show that Gaye and TV are still mated to this day. 'One Chord Wonders' elegantly celebrated punk rock's outsider status, its contempt for the mainstream succinctly summed up in the quote above. For the subsequent 26 years TV has continued to write and perform songs that express this point of view and, despite having a hit with 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes', sustained his own outsider status. The irony being that, while he may have contempt for the powers that be, he has an extraordinary empathy for the human condition. Songs like 'Walk The Plank', which speaks to the immigrant experience; 'Generation Y' and 'The Future Used to Be Better' which address post-punk disillusion; and 'What If' and 'Driver Or Passenger' on personal emancipation; make TV the nearest thing the UK has to Springsteen in terms of pop lyricism. The song I have selected 'We Want the Road' is a cry for freedom inspired, I suspect, by the struggles of the UK Teepee people to sustain ancient liberties, but, in an increasingly ordered society, of universal appeal.

Attila The Stockbroker is a litttle less of an outsider, making his home on the left wing, and basking in his status as official poet of the Brighton and Hove Albion soccer team. Inbetween songs he spoke lovingly of the amphibian community in his front garden. When he sang, however, he pulled no punches and finished up with the zinger to Bush & Blair included here. I showed this on the big projection screen on the 9/11 anniversary event at Walker Stage to devastating effect.

Now, Mar 03, TV returned to the USA for more dates, so I knocked up a VCD of his set, all 17 songs, for him to sell off the merch stand. He priced it at $10 and sales were brisk. and I understand that he intends to offer it on his website and at UK shows. But, until he tells me different, you can get it from the pinstand at the usual rate which is $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign). To order - email orders@pinstand.com and ask for VCD1762, or just paypal in to the same address. The Attila track was included in a 'Rumors of War' MPG-CD that was sold off the pinstand at last year's 'Holidays In The Sun' in Asbury Park, but is not currently available on VCD.

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date posted: 3/30/03

The Adverts

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