Fur Cups For Teeth
Semi Precious Weapons
Rebel NYC
Jan 27 2007
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with thanks to Rebel, Rocks Off, and BP Fallon

'I can't pay the rent but I'm fucking gorgeous.'

The above, the opening line of 'garage glam heroes' Semi Precious Weapons eponymous opener, was enthusiastically sung along to by the eagerly massed fans - the Kunty Krew we shall call them - as the band swung into their headlining spot at NYC's Rebel club. Later it was revealed that some of the crowd, who had driven all the way from Massachusetts, were genuinely homeless, having just been evicted. Singer Justin Tranter welcomed them as kindred souls, until he learnt they still had jobs.. For SPW there is no compromise, they are 100% committed to rock'n'roll, and not just any rock'n'roll, but the hard rocking glam that ruled the early 70's. Playing NYC's Death Disco in early 2006 they succeeded in recruiting Glam eminence grise BP Fallon to the cause, and he in turn has enlisted Tony Visconti, who produced Bowie's classics, to record them. So, while the band at present remain unsigned, there's not a lot of doubt that rent money and more will soon heading in their direction. In the second clip 'Rock'n'Roll Never Looked So Beautiful' you'll also hear the crowd singing along all the way.

Openers Fur Cups For Teeth are absolutely as glamorous, but less impecunious. They all have healthy day jobs, which in some ways is a shame because if they had, a couple of years ago when they released their catchy electro-political debut CD 'Addicted 2 Fur' to much acclaim, and were being compared to Le Tigre, toured and promoted themselves they'd be pretty big already. Particularly since they are always spectacular onstage, wearing different matching themned outfits every show, and utilizing a panoply of household objects as instruments. Instead they stuck to their guns - playing NYC art parties - and, recruiting the Dead Betties' drummer, reverted to their punk rock roots. They did become a fixture at BP Fallon's Death Disco, hence their appearance here. In keeping with the circus atmosphere of playing a major rock showcase, they dressed as leopards and burst onto the stage through a paper hoop. Wild animals are an issue with FCFT and the first song dealt with the plight of the Buffalo, and I've also included the cheerleader rap hit off the CD - 'Mystery Train'.

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on YouTube. The h.264's are iPod-ready. There are DVD's.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 4/6/07


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