No Neck Blues Band
Santos' Party House NYC
Nov 13 2008

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with thanks to Santos' Party House

"Into The Jazz Planet"

A friend of mine who travels widely recently reported to me that recently, upon arriving in exotic destinations, the most frequent question asked by the locals, upon hearing he is from NYC, is does he know Santos' Party House? In just a few months this venue has already become a landmark, and it's no surprise because it, like it's famous 80s precedents like Danceteria, is a location where uniquely the cultures of dance, rock, and art all interesect in the name of hedonism. For instance, what other top dance club on the planet would host the inspired weirdness of No Neck Blues Band on a prime night, and with a crowd happily jiving along? NYC is blessed!

Getting us in the mood were Electroputas as they climaxed their own set with a lengthy piece of free improv.

ipod | stills | youtube

ipod | stills | youtube

I arrived late and only got the last 15 mins or so of the 'Putas, but I've put that and the NNCK's sets on seperate dvd's - dvd1479-01 & 1079-02 respectively. This show was by way of being a release party for NNCK's new album 'Clomeim' which is out now on Locust. Elecroputas have an album and EP out via The Social Registry.

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date posted: 12/25/08

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