Santos' Party House NYC
Dec 22 2008

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"All The Way"

Growing, originally from Olympia WA, but for some years based in Brooklyn, are living up to their name. Not only is their music evolving, from ambient soundscape to purposeful rhythms, but also since signing to The Social Registry in 2007. 2008 saw an outflow of recordings, including a new album 'All The Way'. Lastly, well evident at this show to crown the year, is the most noticeable growth-spurt - the addition of a new member in the person of Sadie Laska, who we have seen before playing with Gang Gang's Lizzi Bougatsos in I.U.D (on PUNKCAST#1145). A good crowd showed up to see the band headline at Santos and were rewarded with a healthy chunk of new material. I've picked a couple of the more upbeat pieces 'Innit' and 'Party Nintendo'.

ipod | stills | youtube

ipod | stills | youtube

DVD1495. The 'All The Way' album is available direct from The Social Registry.

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