Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
Apr 2 2007
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'Kiiiiiii for any occasion.. or just for fun!'

Years ago now, the old Mighty Robot was the heart of the Williamsburg art rock scene. Since promoter Fitz's departure to Berlin it has moved location, changed name, and pursued art more than music, hosting a series of exhibits by local artists (including a punkcast one last year). So here, unusually, we were gathered on a Monday night for a musical event. The performers, fresh from SXSW and a stint on the left coast, were a peculiar Japanese girl duo called Kiiiiiii. K & 7 i's in case you were counting. For more info I refer you to the excellent assay by W. David Marx : "Kiiiiiii is not merely two girls making music, but the full-body realization of a nifty concept: two 13-year-old American girls in the suburbs (think DJ and Kimmy from Full House) rocking out in their room to an imaginary audience while playing imaginary instruments. In accordance with this theme, u.t. and Lakin' litter the stage with colorful streamers and stuffed animals and never directly address those watching, nor even speak in Japanese. In a time when punk itself has become a bloated and clichéd genre, Kiiiiii have boiled punk down to its most essential parts: just drums and vocals. And a crocodile puppet." As well as the strewn stuff, they had plastered SPR's walls with little felt constructs, mostly of animals, and a large 'THE PARTY'S HERE!' sign. The girls themselves were dressed in brightly colored nighties. While the performance was slapstick, the songs were clever, and sung with interesting harmonies.

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on YouTube. The h.264's are iPod-ready. There is a DVD.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 4/14/07

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