Advancing Community Broadband Meeting 1: Stakeholders Community Building
Columbia University NYC
May 20 2010

on behalf of
Internet Society - NY Chapter
with thanks to Columbia University and Bruce Lincoln

"Advancing Community Broadband: A Summer Discussion Series"

The purpose of the Advancing Community Broadband: A Summer Discussion Series is to generate a conversation now that a number of concerned parties in New York have gone through the experience of developing broadband stimulus proposals in the first round and in the case of DOITT and DOE have been successfully funded. The idea is that once a month, a group of stakeholders will come together to discuss their thinking around the broadband stimulus, the National Broadband Plan and where they think broadband in America is headed. This was the first 3 meetings, an informal get together for interested parties to exchange views and get aquainted.

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A DVD of this talk is available free ($5 donation optional) from dvd@isoc-ny.org. Ask for DVD1752.

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