One Web Day - NYC 2008
Washington Sq. Park
Sep 22 2008

on behalf of
Internet Society - NY Chapter
with thanks to NYC Parks Dept.

"one web, one world, one wish"

OneWebDay - a global annual event that celebrates,and draws attention to threats to, the internet - is held every September 22. In 2008 this was a Monday - a breezy pleasant day as we gathered in NYC's Washington Sq.Park, The many illustrious speakers had to compete with occasional rumbles from nearby workers reconstructing the fountain. The OneWebDay theme this year was 'Democracy and Participation'.

0:00:00 Susan Crawford (founder - One Web Day)
0:05:28 Sree Sreenivasan (Columbia Journalism & WNBC-TV) - Moderator
0:07:29 Andrew Baron (Rocketboom)
0:11:21 Craig Newmark (craigslist)
0:15:06 Dharma Dailey (Ethos Group)
0:21:13 Gale A. Brewer (NYC Council)
0:27:14 SJ Klein (OLPC)
0:32:20 Jonathan Zittrain (Oxford Internet Inst.)
0:38:29 John Perry Barlow (EFF)
0:43:45 Tim Westergren (Pandora)
0:48:30 Lawrence Lessig (Stanford)

0:54:44 Panel intro
0:55:51 Current issues
0:58:22 Net neutrality
1:08:23 Spectrum
1:12:54 Policy
1:18:45 OLPC
1:22:08 Innovation

1:31:05 Announcements

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Educators, librarians, and other interested parties can obtain a free DVD of this talk by emailing dvd@isoc-ny.org - ask for DVD1451.

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