North Six - Brooklyn
Jan 5 2001
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'Rock and Roll.'

First Saturday of the New Year - Williamsburg is jumping.. and North Six has a hot line-up. Dufus is augmented tonight by no less than quatre femmes, three on vocals plus Imani Coppola on violin. A journeyman player filled in on drums, bass, or guitar, as needed. So many people on stage that i was literally running from one side to the other to keep up. There were impromptu meandering improvs between songs.The song I have selected is a comforting egalitarian hymn to instability. Seth worried afterwards that the set was 'a bit sloppy', but hey, so was the crowd. As was Jack, guitarist with Moldy Peaches, who made a good go of outdrinking everyone else there before he and Stipplicon hit stage in jointwrecking style..

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