North Six NYC
Aug 24 2006
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'We gotta torture you - all of you'

Flipper are still trying to piss off their audiences, but are now so fondly loved it's nigh impossible. Especially with the general acceptance that they invented grunge, and the fact they are as disorganized musically now as when they started out 27 years ago.

This was the opening date of a minimal north eastern tour that will culminate in them playing one of the final shows at CBGB's. As such there were the usual splutters and false starts, altho Bruce Loose seemed spryer than he did at the SAVE CBGB show a year ago. I've picked the political commentary 'End The Game' with its joyful "Fuck 'Em" chorus as the first song here, and the finale, the ever popular "Sex Bomb" where Bruce left it to the audience, and in particular a sex bomb of a girl, to provide the vocals, as the second.

Clicking on the images will take you to the songs on YouTube. The QT files are iPod compatible. Yes I did make a DVD for the band. That would be DVD1023. If you are desperate for a copy - email orders@pinstand.com and ask, or you can bittorrent it here. The pinstand also does a couple of old flipper pins.

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