Death Disco
Star Shoes - Hollywood
May 18 2004
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'a total blast'

BP Fallon is held in high esteem on the pinstand. As Ian Dury's publicist back in the day he came up with the phrase,'sex & drugs & rock & roll', which led to about 100,000 pin sales.. More recently, after dj-ing the U2 Zooropa tour, he has hooked up with Alan McGee of Poptones to start 'Death Disco' - basically an excuse for a rocking party. After initial hijinks when such as Courtney Love guest dj'd, McGee has settled down the London Death Disco to a regular weekly wednesday night thing with new bands. BP, meanwhile, has been travelling the world, bringing the vibe, fellow DJ Jaime Coon, and a mystic apparition known as the White Widow, to clubs in various cities. Here we see them on their spring 2004 jaunt to the left coast, in a piece edited by BP himself, entertaining the fashionable Hollywood horde.. Guest dj Peaches kills with the Gossip's 'Don't Make Waves' and then, maybe to wind-up BP, spins his buddies - Led Zep. Her dancers gyrate erotically as an exotically ethereal figure looms.

That is the whole piece, right there. 6:44. No VCD on this one, sorry.. There is a Death Disco comp CD out in the uk. sex & drugs & rock & roll pins are out of print. Death Disco pins are on the WWWhatsup page below.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 8/24/04


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