Pedro The Lion
Knitting Factory NYC
Jun 21 2004
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with thanks to Knitting Factory and Involver

'any questions?'

Midsummer's eve 2004 and the Knitting Factory is packed. It's not only Pedro The Lion's first NYC show in sometime, and particularly since the release of the successful 'Achilles Heel' album, but also the kickoff event for 'Involver' - an activist alliance for the purpose of raising political consciousness via music. So the show followed a press conference to introduce that idea. Pedro The Lion is mainly David Bazan, singing introspective songs, in a husky tenor, backed by a sensitive rhythm section. Occasionally veering into politics, David conducts a show like a seminar, pausing occasionally to take questions, some quite serious, from the audience.

Arriving four songs late, ironically during the song 'Start Without Me', I gave up all thought of making it to the front, and shot handheld from the balcony. Hence plenty of wobble. Then they went on so long I ran out of tape before the last song. Whats left is 18 songs, of which the clip here, one of the more political numbers, came in the middle..

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the show to send to the band. As mentioned there's 18 songs. It runs 61:35. I cut the questions, it's just the music. As you will see/hear in the clip, camera does wobble, and vocals could be louder, but it's quite compelling - if interested in a copy email orders@pinstand.com and ask for VCD477..

capture captain: joly
date posted: 10/28/04


involver press release announcing the show
involver video of the press conference before the show

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