Diane Cluck
The Babyskins
Larval Organs
Galapagos - Brooklyn
Oct 24 2002
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'Round and floating, ballerina, arise.'

Anti-folk compilation CD's are now out in both the UK and the US. Organized by Toby Goodshank, this was one of a number of warm-up shows for a fall caravan around europe by many of the artists involved. I arrived a little late, missing sets by Kimya Dawson and Toby, but got set in time to catch a good portion of the proceedings. Moldy Peaches drummer Strictly Beats was the DJ for the night and quietly played an eclectic mix of stuff from acid jazz to Public Enemy to Neil Young to dub reggae. Galapagos has no stage as such, just a seperate area where bands perform, giving it somewhat of a rehearsal room ambience. On this occasion the walls had been decorated with art works from some of the performers.

Diane Cluck is a great singer, and songwriter, straight from the heart, but what fascinates me is her rhythmical sense. The song here well evokes the ambivalence of love. Next up was Dufus. They actually played the next night too with a different and larger line-up, but on this occasion they played as a trio and Seth did a couple of solo songs that were new to me, a very personal lullaby, and the rollercoaster ride of a number presented here. Then we came to Schwervon! comprising Major Matt Mason and Nan. I've included two contrasting tunes as I was unable to pick just one that was truly representative. Matt can sing and chew gum at the same time, and intro'd one tune with a sincere testimonial to his pants. Next we had The Babyskins, replete in their girl guide outfits, and efficiently filled out by bass and drums. Drummer Steven Mertens made a big production of setting up a mike for his one line in the song below which is why everyone cracks up when he does it. As they left the stage Toby led the assembled throng in singing birthday wishes to Strictly Beats, Steven M, and Crystal Babyskin, and a large cake was consumed as the last act, Larval Organs, set up. They only got to play one song, and the Galapagos sound guy appeared to have disappeared at this point severely limiting vocals, however they made up for it with a monster guitar solo that well rounded off the night.

Those of you with broadband can click the pic of Toby above to play all the clips in order.

And yes, there is a VCD of this one. I had to cut a few tracks out to make it fit, but it's mostly there. Available from the pinstand at the usual rate of $4 ($5 foreign) inc. mail. If interested - email orders@pinstand.com and ask for VCD212. (paypal accepted)

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