Richard M Stallman
Kaplan Center NYC
Jan 4 2006
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'What's GNU?'

Last time I saw Richard Stallman was almost 5 years back on PUNKCAST#64. On that occasion I was unable to provide video as an acceptably patent-free video codec simply didn't exist. Fortunately that is no longer true as, just in the last couple of years, Xiph.org Foundation as part of their Ogg project have managed to come up with one. It is known as Theora, and works pretty well. It can be played back in the VLC player, or even in Real or WMP with the appropiate plug-ins installed. Thus, this time I am able to give you video of, thanks to the Internet Archive, not just a clip, but also the entire speech.

On this occasion, jointly sponsored by GNUBIES and LXNY, and to a mainly young audience, Richard gave a general, and mostly non-technical, talk about the development of the GNU operating system, the GPL, the justifications of free software, and the mortifications of proprietary software. The speech culminated with a miraculous appearance by free software's holy patron, St. IGNUcius of the Church of EMACS.

If you program a tv show and are interested in running any part of this, do please get in touch. A DVD copy is available via orders@pinstand.com for $5 inc. mail. ($6 foreign). Ask for DVD905.

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date posted: 1/20/06

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