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Shapes and Sizes
Cake Shop NYC
May 11 2007

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'Head Movin''

Shooting Shapes and Sizes was serendipitous, as I was able to catch them while on a pop-in to the Cake Shop between two other shows. I was unfamiliar with the band but found them a very pleasant experience. Hailing originally from Victoria on the Canadian left coast, they are now resident in Montreal. One imagines they are very at home there because, like many other of the local bands, they are peculiarly idiosyncratic. Their music, sparse and played with joyful precision, does not progress in straight lines, but rather zigzags haphazardly. Vocals are shared, with unpredictable harmonies. Lyrics are intricate, a little absurd. Melodies are almost Satie-esque at times. In my experience, one wants to hear it again and again while the brain figures it out, and it then sounds as natural as anything. I've put two songs here, with contrasting vocalists - the first is 'Head Movin'' - the second 'Highlife'. Both songs are from their brand new album on Asthmatic Kitty Records.

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YouTube real stream
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Clicking on the images will take you to the clips on YouTube/Google. The h.264's are iPod ready. There is a DVD. The band has two albums out .

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