Ghost Exits
Luxx - Brooklyn
Mar 30 2003
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with thanks to luxx and Todd P

'friday night'

This, a Todd P Sunday show, was the next Ghost Exits since our previous over the top experience, after which the band had publically apologized, promising more coherent performances in the future.. Indeed, to begin with, it did seem a lot more tame, the bass player was clean-shaven, as were his bass lines, and things seemed to be going much according to plan. But on the last number, the still developing 'All Night Long' - which I have erroneously titled 'Friday Night' on the clip - I was gladdened to see matters again turn awry. The bass player's attempts to mic up a clock radio failed. In the process he appeared to knock out his bass, and in the end gave up and transferred to the keyboard, while his partner, as ever, gamely kept up the song.

For the most part of this show the singer was out on the floor, where there is absolutely no light, and as mentioned, things were a little tame anyway, so I have dumped the rest of the show except for this song. Which may make it onto a comp VCD at some point. The Ghost Exits now have a record out - details here. I also shot the other band performing, a peculiarly dressed outfit called The Screw, but I seem to have mislaid the tape.. might turn up yet..

capture captain: joly
date posted: 7/6/03

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