Mighty Robot, Brooklyn
Jul 17 2004
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with thanks to Mighty Robot, and The Twisted Ones

'Don't take away the record of the chaos we are in.'

I've dug this one up for Nick Hallett's 'DESTROY AMERICA!' vid expo as he takes it to Europe in Summer 2006, where it will be shown amongst other spots at All Tomorrow Parties, and also in Berlin, where original Twisted One Fitz is now stirring up things.. Nick wanted something that represented the artistry/energy of the Brooklyn scene, and this show immediately sprang to mind.

It was a sweltering Saturday in July 2004, the day the Village Voice Siren festival was held at Coney Island. Arriving late from that event I found Mighty Robot jumping. A younger than usual crowd, exhilarated from having just experienced Ex Models final show in it's classic 4 piece line-up, spilled out on to nearby rooftops, catching their breath as Oneida set up. As you will see in the clip, once Oneida got going they all jammed back in the space and moshed merrily. The Mighty Robot Audio Visual Squad (Erik, Etain, Brock, Melody) were on top form this night and the stage was constantly washed in waves of color and texture. Oneida, having toured Europe and the US in support of the Secret Wars album, were cracklingly tight. It doesn't get much better than this. The clip is the single from Secret Wars, 'Caesar's Column'.

But yes, you can take away a record of the chaos we were in - on DVD. Includes 'Pussy Mandate' - a totally unrecorded song by Oneida. To get a copy paypal $5 to orders@pinstand.com - ask for DVD506. Add $1 if you're outside the USA.

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date posted: 4/26/06

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