The Chalets
Test Icicles
Sin- NYC
Sep 15 2005
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with thanks to Sin- and CMJ

'I know you love me but you're fuck'n crazy'

Lately, the fine folks at Artrocker have taken to mailing us a copy of their wonderfully designed and informative magazine, so, when CMJ gave an excuse for some of their faves to visit NYC, we were right there for their debut USA performances.

The Chalets, a 5 piece from Dublin, Ireland, are, in fact, not so much art rock as power pop. Two almost identical girls fronted the band, identically dressed in red and white gingham, both on synths, while males to either side filled out the sound, and a drummer behind gave it punch. Twee with balls. Their final song, which you see here, might have been dedicated to the Test Icicles - who are definitely a little more off the wall. The Testies have that sardonic knowitall arrogance of youth that takes absolutely nothing seriously, including themselves. A trio, their performace was a kind of musical action painting. Huge gobbing splatters of disco, metal, funk, hard core, hip hop, screamo, were cast into one huge slippery mess. Here we too have the final song, which I now know to be called 'Catch It'.

No VCD on this one - if you program a tv show and are interested in running either clip get in touch

capture captain: joly
date posted: 10/10/05


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