Vivien Goldman
Soho McNally Robinson NYC
May 25 2006
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'The Book Of Exodus'

In the late 70's Vivien Goldman wrote for the UK weekly music paper 'Sounds'. As punk rock raged around her, she steadily and eruditely featured reggae, both the artists and philosophy. She went to Jamaica and formed a close relationship with Bob Marley, which continued when, after he was shot, he relocated to the UK to record the 'Exodus' album. Now she has gathered up some of her articles from the time, with plenty of further research, to write 'The Book Of Exodus' - the definitive story of how the 'album of the century' came to be.

Here we see her doing a reading at the cosy Soho McNally Robinson Bookstore. The first piece is the whole reading, which includes one segment evoking the time spent in Jamaica, a second of the time in the UK, and a Q and A session that followed. The second piece is a short excerpt from the London segment describing a brush with the constabulary, which can also be viewed on YouTube

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date posted: 9/8/06

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