Pianos - NYC
Apr 20 2003
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'so unprofessional'

This was one that I totally screwed up on. I had a bad headcold, that's my excuse, but i left the second blank dv at home, and then, at the end of the show, with Electrelane totally cooking decided to rewind and record over the start on LP. As can happen, the camera did not switch off properly and proceeded to wipe the rest of the show clean.. and even that little bit that i did get is glitchy cos it was LP.. and then i found the MD had run out of juice about 5 mins before that bit started..

That said, this was a very good show , a midweek VICE Records affair, billed as the the MOTHERLOAD that jammed this popular venue on the lower east side. Adding flavor was a special guest DJ - JD Samson of Le Tigre. Adding spice were projected visuals from Honeygun Labs. Adding joy was free Brooklyn lager for the first hour, not to mention members of !!! spinning upstairs. Opening act was Ill Ease, a girl who vocalised while alternately playing drums and guitar accompanied by a diffident bassist. Her songs were rants, but restrained melodic rants, ranging from broody to cocky. After a rockin interlude from JD, next up were Tracy & The Plastics - who i've been after to shoot for ever. Tracy's show features her performing an awkward co-ordinating act between her rhythm box and her less than fully co-operative bandmates, who appear projected on the screen behind her. Noting that she'd left her keyboard behind, during one song Tracy related, with evident pleasure, an email complaint - the 'unprofessional' quote above - she'd received.. So it's not just me. Somehow she cajoles out 8 songs, mostly ragers. But, for all the messing about, the really remarkable thing about her is her voice, whether teasing or whacking out it's got a fascinating clarity thats existentially effective as she produces strength out of petulance. Ah well, maybe i'll get another shot at her.. After Tracy JD then went off on a tear on the turntables ending up on 'Wake Me Up Before You Gogo' as Electrelane hit the stage. Electrelane are from Brighton UK. An all-girl guitars and organ combo. They were not all that unprofessional, but did exhibit a certain dodginess as they took long instrumental excursions, exploring as much as playing their songs. The sound went from 63 beatnik fly chug to full bore psyche. Good songs. Honeygun did them proud on the visuals.

So yes we have salvaged the end of the last Electrelane song for the clip. Just enough to see them whipping it up. And what we also have, just for the crack, is JD's DJ set, before and between the bands, streaming at a modem friendly 32kbps mp3 (85 mins).

capture captain: joly
date posted: 6/19/03

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