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The Carrots
Silent Barn, Brooklyn
May 31 2008

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"The Carrots"

This is not The Carrots founder V-Jon's first appearance on Punkcast - she is also the vocalist on the raucous 'Missile' by Finally Punk on PUNKCAST#1001 from July 2006. Even at that time the foundation of her current project had been laid, a softer sweeter animal that evokes and echoes 60s girl groups. V-J would eventually leave Finally Punk in November 2007, but The Carrots still exhibit a degree of that outfit's devil-may-care exuberance, intriguingly meshed with harmony. The crowd at this show adored them, and insisted on multiple encores. The song here 'Beverly' is the top track on their latest EP.

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Sorry, no DVD on this one. The Carrots records are available fron Elefant Records.

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Venus Zine review of the Cake Shop show two days earlier.
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