Southpaw - Brooklyn
Oct 9 2003
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with thanks to Southpaw and Bryan Swirsky.

'strictly hardcore'

The original impetus to start punkcast back in 97 was to webcast a visit to NYC by One Way System, a punk band from Lytham, UK, just north of Liverpool. Their manager JohnB had run for years the punk vid label Jettisoundz, now known as Visionary and I was determined to bring him into the net age. In which I succeeded. JohnB, inspired, returned to the UK and promptly wrapped up a few more shows for punkcast. #3 featured Lancs. local heroes Goldblade..

In subsequent years Goldblade's singer, John Robb, has become something of a media personality and produced a series of shows on the history of punk for UK tv (as yet unseen in the USA). So it has taken up to now for the band to make the jump across pond. As a warm up for Manitoba's Bryan S. had pulled them an opening slot on a Thursday night in genteel Park Slope, hardly a hotbed of punk. The headliner turned out to be something called the Latin Project - a full-on salsa-jazz outfit. Visions of Sex-Pistols-in-Texas type incongruities came to mind. As it happened there were no salsa fans to be seen, and as it was also the night of a crucial game of the Yankees vs Boston League Championship series, very few others either. The band were happy to play and ripped through their set, with liberal doses of the famous Lancashire humor between songs. While certainly oi-orientated the band has a hard rocking edge that make their sound a bit like the Star Spangles on steroids. The clips are both style statements.

There is a VCD of the show, 8 songs. I was a bit slow at the off, so there is a patch of black at the beginning. Sound is good.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 10/28/03


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