TV On The Radio
Southpaw - Brooklyn
Mar 9 2004
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'holy shit - it's new york, again'

Those were the words of Tunde, vocalist with TV On The Radio, as the sold-out Southpaw crowd went nuts after the band opened with 'Young Liars' at this, the official coming out party for their first 'proper' record on Touch And Go. The band have been out for some weeks on their second, and marathon, tour, and he sounds surprised to be in his own backyard. However their recent appearance at the Liars own record release do at Warsaw is still fresh in the nyc memory, and many of the same faces were present, eager for more. Once the live tvotr taste is acquired, it can easily become a habit. Their shows are almost like workshops, and one wants to see how far they can rev the tunes each time. They always mess a little, hinting at even greater riches to come.. In the clip - 'Ambulance' - see Tunde set up, on the fly, the sampled whistling refrain that anchors the tune.

Also, I believe, celebrating a Touch And Go release, were openers CocoRosie. Two sisters, one down to earth, one soaring, but both with extraordinary elegance and poise. They sang idiosyncratic ditties, sometimes utilizing musical toys for accompaniment. All greeted with roars of approval from the crowd. The clip - 'Terrible Angel' - is the only tune of theirs i've managed to title as yet.

And yes i have knocked up VCD's - Coco Rosie is VCD4141 (8,30:55) and TVOTR is VCD4142 (12,68:16) The Coco Rosie is, of course, beautiful, but, as mentioned, minimally titled. I suspect that the earlier VCD3352 of TVOTR is a better shoot all round, but the band didn't think that show was too good.. This one has more songs, certainly, but I struggle to get my angles - and it also includes the WNYU radio interview from #383. I have plenty more TVOTR in the can so there will be even more fuel for the fire soon. You can get copies of the VCD's from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD, saying what you want, and I'll let you know the process (paypal accepted). We also do a TVOTR pin - see the WWWhatsup below.

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date posted: 3/22/04

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