Tonic NYC
Nov 30 2006
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'Punk Song'

We first saw microtonal guitarist/composer David First playing with Jean Smith as Book Of Common Gestures in PUNKCAST#965 where he dazzled with feedback pyrotechnics. So, when his band Notekillers played Tonic the punkcast cam was there. The Notekillers, out of Philadelphia, were a grunge-punk-jazz combo that had a brief if illustrious existence in the late 70's. Way ahead of their time, they might have disappeared into obscurity forever except for having gained a fan in Thurston Moore, who credits them as a seminal influence on Sonic Youth. Singlehandedly he inspired the band back to life a couple of years ago, and has released a CD on Ecstatic Peace! that is bringing them fresh acclaim. The tunes I've picked are 'Papers' and, appropiately, 'Punk Song' - on both of which Shoko Nagai guests on keyboards. Visuals were supplied by Katherine Liberovskaya.

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on YouTube. The h.264 is iPod ready. There is a dvd.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 12/26/06
fixed: 1/3/07

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