The Quails
The Aislers Set
Williamsburg Publik House - Brooklyn
Mar 29 2003
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'Where there's a will I think there's a way'

This Saturday show was originally slated for North Six, but another venue had to be hastily found after the NY Fire Dept, unamused by a Leftover Crack flyer promising pyromania, shut down N6 a week or so previous. Despite the W'burg in the name the Pub is located well on the way to Bushwick. This tour was one of the best of the year, a tight package of bands from the left coast. By the time I got there I regretfully had missed Hella, but was just in time for The Quails, a militant 3-piece. It can be noted that in the anti-war demos the previous weekend the SF contingent had been the most boisterous and defiant, and little wonder with bay area bands like the Quails banging the gong on the run-up. Here you get a couple of good tastes of their anti-establishment anthemising..Performed, somewhat incongruously, in front of an illuminated sign celebrating the Gulf war. The Aislers Set were more ambiguous. They have an international reputation built on the back of their punk-twee sound and exotic girl group harmonies. Live - they are a lot more down-to-earth than one might expect. The two clips here are the cracking openers to their set,. Later they became more esoteric, and were joined by Gary Olsen of Ladybug Transistor on trumpet for a couple of songs, on one of which one of the girls performed the spectacular feat of playing trumpet and guitar at the same time. Twice called back for encores they ended up strongly as they had begun.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the show, 10 songs from The Quails and 15 from The Aislers. You can get a copy from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD256, and I'll let you know the process, or just paypal direct in to that address.

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date posted: 7/5/03

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