The Somnambulants
Bling Kong
Siné NYC
Feb 17 2004
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with thanks to Sin-é and Vicious

'i want to get know you while i can'

Vicious has been a successful Tuesday night promotion at Siné for around a year, partly run by photographer Jasper Coolidge of jenyk.com. Obviously, and evident at this show, Jasper has an eye for visual acts, especially with good looking females. And it was females that brought Punkcast to the show, in the form of BoySkout - an all girl outfit recently relocated from SF to Brooklyn, with a hot new CD out on Alive Records. I'd narrowly missed them at a show a couple ofweeks before and observed the buzz. Got to this one early because before BoySkout were our old friends The Somnambulants. They turned in a great set, including a new, sensitive, song about being cooped up - 'High Rise' - which is the second clip. The first - 'Seconds To You' - is about the distance that closeness brings. Then BoySkout spread across the stage. Each one totally cute in her own right, one could hardly help falling in love with the whole band before they'd even played a note. Especially with the glow of Valentine's still fresh. The music was even better than one might hope, hovering between offhand teenbeat and goth. The dark edge came mainly from keyboardist China, a picture of crusty chic, right down to her tattoos, seamed stockings and boy's underpants. Elfin bassplayer Hannah lends a warm yet mysterious foundation. then there's a wild kick from friendly drummer Carrie., and a cheeky cheerful front in guitarist Leslie. Definite chemistry.. The first song of the set, the first clip, the first song on the album, 'Jesse James' is, appropiately, about a stolen heart. After a couple of songs Leslie broke a string and went off on search of a replacement, so the band carried on without her for the reflective 'Sunday Morning' which is the second clip. They finished us off by encoring with Joy Division's 'Transmission'. We hope to see more of them. Next up was Bling Kong. BK are one of those peculiar Brooklyn big band super-side projects. I lost count of how many musicians, but the main feature was four, 3 girls and a guy (whose name we were told is 'cocksucker'), cheerleaders who started each song with a cheer. After kicking off with 'Hail To The Chief' the songs were mostly self referential, such as the clip here - 'Enter King Kong'. After them Inouk played but, for the second time running, I screwed up the audio on them, so another time perhaps.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD's of the sets. The Somnambulants is VCD4011 (8+,33:27). BoySkout is VCD4012 (11,33:37). Bling Kong is VCD4013 (7,29:13). The audio is better than usual as i was experimenting with using a hard-drive recorder. But it ran out of battery 2/3rds of the way thru Bling Kong, so we don't get their last two tunes. Or Inouk obviously. For those interested I found that the HD recorder, an iRiver, didn't quite sync with the cam perfectly the way MD does. You can get copies of the VCD's from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD, saying what you want, where you live, and I'll let you know the process.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 4/9/04

Jasper's photos of The Somnambulants - BoySkout - Bling Kong - Inouk from this show.
yannick gauthier's pic of China at this show

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