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Oct 4 2005
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Brakes are an indie supergroup from Brighton, England. Leader Eamon Hamilton has done time as the keyboardist with British Sea Power, while Tom and Alex White, guitar and drums, are from Electric Soft Parade, and bassie Marc Beatty is from Tenderfoot. They released a single on Rough Trade offshoot Tugboat in 2004 before graduating to the main label to release an album 'Give Blood' in 2005 which put them very much on the map, garnering the ultimate accolade - the Rough Trade Shops #1 album of the year. They define themselves as 'country-punk' but the Brakes music varies. It's hallmarks are brevity, with a couple of songs clocking in at under 15 seconds, and cantankerous vocals that ooze with exasperation. Targets are pretension and ignorance. It all has a fond edge, however, such that the tongue is never completely removed from the cheek.

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