The Vacancies w/Joan Jett
Cake Shop NYC
Nov 11 2005
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'Veteran's Day'

As Joan Jett embarks on her stint on the Warped tour, this could be an indication of how she regained her enthusiasm for playing live to unruly mobs of scruffy youths. Here we see her joining her Blackheart Records protegés The Vacancies at a secret show at the Cake Shop. With The Dwarves - this was an after-party for a show earlier in the evening at the Knit. As the Cakeshop cleared out from it's own show (Modey Lemon & The Apes) plenty of beefy & sweaty punk rockers joined the eagerly awaiting contingent of L.E.S.bians. The girls were maybe non-plussed when the Dwarves' guitarist performed totally naked except for boots and instrument. Eventually The Vacancies, who are a straight-ahead punk band from Cleveland, hit the stage, well, floor, and went into a passionate song acclaiming their hometown. After another song, Ms Jett joined them. As she bent over to fix her amplifier we were able to admire the tattoo in the small of her back, a fiery pair of crossed axe-shaped female symbols. Then the band swung into 'Save Yourself' - a strong anthem of personal redemption, and things really took off. After one more song, Joan took the lead on 'Bad Reputation' and brought the house down. It seemed that that might be it, but the crowd would not let them leave. It was super-hot with the walls dripping. Instruments were strapped back on, and Joan, who, remarkably, still looks like jailbait, and the band performed a rousing version of The Runaways 'Cherry Bomb' to end the night as the crowd went nuts.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 6/28/06

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irena kittenclaw's photo of Joan from this show

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