Kimya Dawson
The Exit
Afro-Punk Bad Brains Tribute
The Delancey NYC
Nov 24 2004
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with thanks to James Spooner, Death Disco, and The Delancey

'Leaving Babylon'

Thanksgiving Eve 2004, and Death Disco has given up most of the night to James Spooner, producer/director of the Afro Punk movie, to give thanks to the Bad Brains, just for existing, and for the inspiration. The event is also a benefit for James's afro-punk HQ, which suffered a serious fire earlier in the year. Sponsorship from Puma, Caroline Recs, and Mugshot provided a swag bag of goodies for early arrivals ensuring a jammed house from the get go.

First up was Kimya Dawson, of the Moldy Peaches, who, despite obvious nerves, knocked the place out with two covers of early Brains tunes - 'The Regulator' and 'I' - that well indicated their revolutionary lyricism. She was followed by The Exit - a hot young dub-pop band on Some Records. They worked out dubstyle on 'Leaving Babylon', and then after a couple of their own tunes, played a blistering version of "Don't Need It'

That was as far as I got on the show as I then went upstairs to VJ punkcast clips as part of Death Disco. Talking to Kimya, she seemed not to have a very high opinion of her performance. I thought it was great, and I post both songs here to make my point.. plus The Exit's first effort so you can see what dub-pop actually might be.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the 4 songs mentioned, runs just 10 mins. I've given a couple to James for his archive, and also will fwd some to The Bad Brains themselves. I'll probably add the tracks to comps at some point in the future. In the meantime if desperately in need you can email orders@pinstand.com and ask about VCD623. Kimya's new CD 'Hidden Vagenda' is out on K Records, The Exit's new CD is out on Some Records. Check afropunk.com for news of screenings of James' movie.

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date posted: 12/6/04

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