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The Homosexuals
Cake Shop NYC
Jul 9 2007

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'laughing virgins'

The Homosexuals, mainly in the persons of Bruno Wizard and Anton Hayman, were London post-punk pioneers. Formed from the ashes of punk band The Rejects in 1978 they proliferated DIY projects on their own and other labels over the next few years, never hanging around long enough to be pigeonholed, before disappearing into the ether. Bruno Wizard re-appeared in 2004 for a short East Coast tour, including a sold-out show at NYC's Knitting Factory, and a comprehensive retrospective album 'Astral Glamour' was released. Now, in 2007, he's ready for another go round, and has recruited NYC band Imaginary Icons to back him. This show was a sneak preview of what is to come when they tour in October. It's always a bit of a jawdropper to see someone from the executive side take the stage (think Gerard Cosloy with GG.Allin) so I was surprised to see that the II's include Tom Hyland aka Tom Dash on bass. They did an excellent job of supplying a scratchy post-punk-funk foundation for what Bruno - who does have the demeanor of a manic magician, maybe combined with Patrick McGoohan in 'The Prisoner' - deemed a Homosexuals 'greatest hits' set. I've picked two songs, the aforementioned 'Astral Glamour' and the epic 'You're Not Moving (The Way You're Supposed To)'.

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