Julia Haltigan & The Hallelujah Peddlers
Pianos NYC
Apr 14 2007
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'Blowing Up My Baby'

It's hard to believe that, since we first saw her in PUNKCAST#529, Julia Haltigan has yet to put out a record. But she has 1) had a very popular version of 'Boots Of Spanish Leather' included on Drive-Thru's 2005 'Listen To Bob Dylan' comp, and 2) acquired a hot band - The Hallelujah Peddlars. She's also developed a bluesy lilting almost Kurt Weill-ian style that is remarkably adult, even when she sings, as on the quaintly titled 'Blowin' Up My Baby With Dinah Off The Roof With Her Helmet Gone' about her childhood (first clip). The elegant 'All I Can Think Of Is You' (2nd clip) is simply charming. Hopefully an album is not far off.

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on YouTube. The h.264's are iPod-ready. There is a DVD. The 'Listen To Dylan' CD is available here (if it isn't sold-out).

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date posted: 5/15/07

myspace Julia Haltigan
myspace Julia Haltigan & The Hallelujah Peddlers

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