Daisy Olsen
WordPressNYC Meetup
Apr 20 2010

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"Theme Frameworks / Introduction to WordPress 3.0"

This was the first time I'd ever managed to make it to one of the popular events of the WordPress NYC Meetup group, although I did attend WordCamp NYC late last year. It was held in the plush offices of Sun/Oracle in midtown, which curiously seemed windowless, but I guess that was just as far as I reached. Today's speaker was Daisy Olsen. Her main topic was theme frameworks, better known as parent/child themes. These are wonderful devices which allow one to make custom sites that don't break when the original framework is updated. It's not rocket science but needs careful understanding of some of the basics of WordPress mechanics. Daisy walked us through this and then turned her attention to the upcoming WordPress 3.0 release. WordPress people are very excited about this as it will see the folding of the fangled multi-user version (currently known as WPMU) into the regular version. This allows all sorts of interesting developments - for example sub-blogs/sites that share users and taxonomies that can even be hosted on different domains! There are also some significant developments to make the software even easier to set up. Daisy tells it like it is and fields questions from all-comers.

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ogv | ipod | stills | youtube | mp3

A DVD of this talk is available free ($5 donation optional) from dvd@isoc-ny.org. Ask for DVD1737.

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